Hunter’s Worries

ImageHunter here, I’m one of Dana’s dogs, and I’m worried about him. He sits at his desk when the light outside gets bright and stays there staring at that thing that glows making it go click click until it gets dark outside.

 I worry about him during these times. What’s that light doing to him? Why do his fingers dance around?

I try to help him break out of the trance he seems to get in by walking under his desk and putting my head in his lap with a toy in my mouth. Once in a while he pulls it from my teeth and throws it down the hall. Other times he’ll give me a pat, which I don’t mind a bit, but he always resumes making the thing click.

 Occasionally he’ll stand and I think we are going to play or go outside and go for a walk. I’ll jump to my feet and search for a toy to take with us. But he’ll either get another cup of that dark drink with the strong smell he consumes large quantities of and returns to his desk, or, he’ll pace back and forth before plopping back into his chair and the clicking resumes.

 During these times I might get a pat, which I don’t mind a bit, most of the time I’m usually ignored. What’s a dog to do?

 I heard him telling Becky, my other master, he’s a third of the way through his next airline thriller with a working title of A Calamity. Does this mean he’ll be this way for a while longer?

 Dogs of writers out there, do you have the same problems with your masters?

10 thoughts on “Hunter’s Worries

  1. McSwain & Beck

    Hey Hunter – My name is Annabelle; yeah, I go through the same thing. My master, CR HIATT, also sits at that desk, laboring away. Recently, she escaped from writing, and I thought yippee, we’re going on an adventure. Yuck, she made me suffer through a sixteen-hour drive down south so she could renovate a house after her tenants moved out. What kind of adventure was that? Nothing to do in the car, nothing to do while she was painting, and working on the plumbing fixtures, etc. Now that we’re back, she’s back to that silly machine. But guess what, I learned how to retaliate. She was naive enough to untie me and let me chase the ball for a few minutes. Hah, I got even with her; I ran straight into the pond, which she though was frozen over from the 20 degree temps. She had to wade in to get me out, then cuddle with me in warm towels for a while after. That’ll teach her. Hint hint: I am now scheming ways for my next retaliation. 🙂

    1. danagriffin Post author

      Thanks for replying, Annabelle. It’s good to know other dogs have the same plight. I often wander into the muddy areas in our back yard which makes my masters yell at me. The cold water from the hose they spray me with isn’t much fun, but hey, I got their attention for a few minutes. Keep scheming for ways to retaliate. It’s our job in life to bring smiles to our masters.

  2. ckraggio

    Hey Hunter, Yuna here. My master does the exact same thing. Though it would be nice if we were going for walks or making me snacks, at least she’s home, so I get to hang out with her all day. The real bonus is when she eats her meals at her desk. Don’t tell anybody because she trains other dog owners and this is a huge no-no. But she gives me her plates when she’s done with them and always leaves me a few good mouthfuls. Eggs and breakfast sausage. Sometimes bacon. For lunch its usually chicken or tuna. You need to talk your Dana into sharing his meals with you too! Being a writer’s dog is the best!! Good luck with A Calamity!!

    1. danagriffin Post author

      Thanks, Yuna. The good news is Dana does share his breakfast bowl, or sandwich plate with me after eating. The bad news is I have to share it with Charlie, our other dog. But yeah, being a writers dog is the best even though I don’t always have Dana’s attention, I love having him at his desk. I miss him when he goes away for a couple of days.

  3. Ms. Cheevious

    Hey Hunter – Ms. Cheevious here. I’m greatly ignored too, only I’m not a dog, I’m an alter-ego. Often times all I want to do is have fun, but Lisa Jey just sits and writes! To top it off, she writes about ME!!!!!! It’s making me crazy! So, I thought of something… why don’t you come and be my dog for a while?! Or maybe you could just pay a visit? I don’t have a dog, and I’m sure I could pay a LOT of attention to you…. I’m not sure how you would get here, or how to tell you where “where” is… but hmmmm… let me think about this… wait… Oh hang on… there’s a piece of chocolate over there across the room… See you later Hunter!!!

    1. danagriffin Post author

      Ms. Cheevious, I like chocolate, but my masters won’t let me eat it. Something about its bad for my kind, or something like that. Although hanging out with you sounds like fun, I’m very loyal to my masters. Thanks anyway, though.

  4. Old Things R New

    It’s not just Dogs who get ignored. I’m Mia and my mom is Rebekah. She’s gone all day then comes home and puts one of those things with a glow on her lap. I try to remove it by rubbing my head against it, she thinks I just want a scratch. WRONG. It’s not that I want someone always rubbing me, I’m not THAT kind of cat. I just want to know that the space closest to her is reserved for me, when I want to sit there. I had my grandma Onisha writes this, I’m not trusting my claws to the weird glow machine.

    1. danagriffin Post author

      I hear you, Mia. If Dana would make his fingers dance on the glowing thing while sitting on the couch, I’d be laying there right beside him trying to worm my head between him and the thing. We pets just need to know we’re as important as the click click thing. Thanks for letting me know its not just dogs.

  5. jchasenovelist

    Hi Hunter — It’s big Labrador Sarge here… Yep, I’m afraid that is the burden we all have to deal with having a writer as mom or dad. You might want to try squeaking your toy a million times, it helps a little. Or, rolling on your back kicking your paws in the air with a huge goofy grin on your face. Otherwise, just be patient… Oh wait, I’m going to go bother the cats for now… Catch ya later Hunter.

    1. danagriffin Post author

      Hi, Sarge,

      The squeaky toy sometimes gets Dana’s attention. Once in a while he’ll get out of his chair and take it from me and throw it down the hall which I hoped he’d do. Sometimes, he ignores me, or I get a “Seriously Hunter,” comment. Have fun chasing those pesky cats.


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