Dead Burn by Jennifer Chase

Jennifer ChaImagese has a way of writing thrillers that suck you in until the books conclusion. The story moves along at a rapid pace, but not at such speed that you don’t get to know the characters. And it’s the characters she creates that keep me reading her books. They are flawed people who make mistakes and have dreams and aspirations just like the rest of the humanity.

 Through Ms. Chase’s study of the criminal mind, she creates villains I feel an ounce of sympathy for yet cheer when their reign of terror ends. The interactions between her main characters is realistic and the reason to read her books.

 The plot in Dead Burn was interesting as Emily Stone, the protagonist, is put in a situation she has spent her life trying to thwart. How this subplot was concluded leaves it wide open to appear in future novels.

 I look forward to reading more of Jennifer Chase’s novels.

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