Sanctioned Kill by C. R. Haitt

Sanctioned Kill CR HiattThis story moves at a rapid pace, slowing down long enough for the reader to catch their breath, before plunging headlong into more action. The main character, Kyra Ray, is fleshed out so the reader comes to understand what makes her tick, yet is a bit of a mystery so they need to keep reading to learn more about her. One of the villains also garnered some sympathy from this reviewer.

The fight scenes are vivid without unnecessary detail allowing the reader to fill the scene with their imagination. Kyra Ray is one bad-ass chick.

I sped through the story in a couple of days and I hope Kyra and company will be developed into a series as Sanctioned Kill ends with that possibility.

I highly recommend this novel to lovers of military espionage.

5 thoughts on “Sanctioned Kill by C. R. Haitt

  1. elisestokes

    Sounds like a great read. Downloaded for only .99, with seven other thrillers, via HOT BOX. Love CR’s Syd from her YA series, McSwain and Beck. Syd is a strong female protagonist, but not pissy (which is totally cliche). Comes as no surprise that she developed Kyra well.

  2. McSwain & Beck

    Thank you so much, Dana! I appreciate you reading and reviewing Sanctioned Kill. I was overjoyed to see your thoughts, and know that a male reader appreciated a female hero in what is normally a male dominated action-hero genre. Your review is so appreciated!


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